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Tyre Slam Ball

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Take on today's weightlifting routines and build explosive power with TKO Tire Slam Balls. The TKO Tire Slam Balls are great for weighted slams, squats, deadlifts and much more. The smooth-grip surface provides unmatched grip throughout your workouts. Made from strong, durable rubber materials they deliver a safe, effective workout and can be used in multiple ways to help you get the most out of your time in the gym.

Engineered to survive even the toughest of workouts thanks to a thick, durable rubber shell designed to absorb impact on bounces, slams, and tosses. The TKO Slam Ball® is the ultimate medicine ball for any athlete looking to improve strength, power and speed while reducing injury risk in off-season workouts or intense training.

The TKO Tyre Tread Slam Balls are no-bounce and ideal for various throwing and slamming routines helping you build total body conditioning. Use these slam balls for slams, woodchoops, overhead throws and more! Ideal for building grip strength, these are great for any athlete who needs to develop explosive power from the wrists into the upper body or core.