About Us




All of us here at American Wrestler want you to succeed. We care about our customers and cater to their specific needs,
so when you purchase a piece of equipment from us,
you can be sure that we will take care of you.

"You know the old saying [find something you love and then figure out how to make a living at it].
We love being outfitters for wrestlers and enjoy helping kids across the globe gain access to the highest quality wrestling products on the market."



Our Story:

American Wrestler TM was started by a 1994 - 1998 Bloomsburg Wrestler, former University of Texas - Arlington wrestling coach, and wrestling fanatic, Jeff McCall. Jeff fell in love with the sport ever since introduced by Coach Ed Gibbons in high school. After having experienced wrestling as an athlete and coach Jeff discovered the multifaceted sport's ability to enhance the body and soul. Jeff McCall had a vision to create a company that serves to tribute his love for wrestling & betterment of future generations. In 2000 that dream came true, Jeff humbly created and began American Wrestler out of his garage. To this day American Wrestler continues to grow and represent those who are passionate about Wrestling & want to elevate to their maximum potential. If you love wrestling and believe in self-improvement, you are American Wrestler. 


What is American Wrestler?

American Wrestler is more than a trendy apparel brand, it is a way of life for athletes who are a different breed, and possess the "It" factor... AMERICAN GRIT. It is a combination of character strength and patriotic love that fuels Wrestlers to reach their maximum potential.  American Wrestler supplies everything a wrestler need except for the mat

Our mentality?

We're all in this together. American Wrestler TM is a trusted source that exists to provide all Wrestlers with the Apparel, Gear, & Equipment they need to be successful. From the moment you put on your American Wrestler Gear, to the moment you step off the mat, we wrestle with you. Providing you with the support you need through our high-quality U.S. Made gear to ensure you reach your maximum potential.