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Take your takedown game to the next level with the ShotSled™ Sport. This training tool is designed for combat sport athletes (wrestlers/MMA). It's an invaluable tool to train solo or with a partner to offer more resistance. It weights approximately 30 lbs but can be made lighter depending on the athlete's needs. Its easy assembly and dual-stick connection allows for easy storage and portability. The ingenious design allows for easy pairing up of a grappling dummy. Powerful enough to move a 150 lb opponent down, its lightweight but durable plastic construction means it will hold up to repeated use.

Develop better takedown skills, increase power, and add resistance to your training with the ShotSled. Whether you're a wrestler, judo athlete or MMA fighter, you need this tool to improve your wrestling. Offer more resistance to a training partner by adding another person to train with, or place a heavy sandbag on the frame. Develop power in your take down skills by sliding across the surface of any wrestling mat without causing damage. The foot pegs serve as sturdy areas for standing or sitting during training and offer a stable platform for users to rest their feet when not moving the sled. Improve your takedown skills and get stronger with the ShotSled!

No matter the level of your wrestling training, the ShotSled is a must-have. It will increase strength, speed and power in takedowns. This piece of equipment was invented by Eric Akin, four-time world champion and Olympic medalist. Designed to better takedown , this sled has many uses besides training for wrestling.