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Octane Ro Indoor Rowing Machine

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A more luxurious multi-function workout experience than ever before, the new Octane Rō™ recreates rowing on water. The smoother rowing action is ideal for beginners, while performance-driven athletes will appreciate the advanced features to take their smoothness and power to the next level. Larger footplates with a center cutout allow for easy entry, exit, and leg positioning. Our one-of-a-kind MultiGrip handlebar creates an intuitive hand placement that offers separate control of blade angle and arm position.

Rodcraft by Octane Fitness is proud to introduce the OCTANE™ Rower, a sleek, compact machine with a powerful performance. A one-of-a-kind combination of innovative design and superior craftsmanship, this rowing machine delivers heart-pumping interval training. Featuring a sleek profile and small footprint, this rower is easy to stash away in any corner of the home or office. Not only does it fit in small spaces, but it's also self-powered, so there are no bulky cords to deal with. The quick release foot strap ensures smooth transitions from one stroke to another. The foot strap accommodates any size shoe for maximum comfort and safety.The patented MultiGrip handlebar allows for nine different hand placements and gives users the option to change positions throughout the exercise for better results.