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Athletes—whether weekend warriors or elite stars—rely on the PS-6600 ST for precise weight measurements on the go. This is the nation’s top-selling sports scale for the past decade. Other features include a built-in handle and protective rubber feet to help "keep it in place" during use. The PS-6600 ST will precisely weigh anything from 0 to 500 lbs. to within ± 0.1 lb., allowing you to weigh your athlete’s equipment and/or uniform, body composition and body fat to keep track of progress or just see how well you are doing!

The Super Tuff Portable Scale is built for life on the road. It is lightweight with a one-piece cast aluminum construction that is stronger, more durable, with safe rounded corners and a recessed, non-skid rubber mat. The "Plug & Weigh" cable system connects the platform to the console with a standard USB cable. Should the cable ever be damaged, replacement takes only minutes and can be easily done by the scale user without tools.

The PS6600ST is the perfect choice when accuracy in maximum/minimum weighing capability, a large display, mechanical simplicity and power saver technology are desired. This scale has incredible battery life (over 2 years under normal use) and can be recharged over and over again. Its RS232 interface allows for programming in either English or Metric units of measure.