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LaundryLoop [18 Colors Available]

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LaundryLoop is for people who want to keep the best for their team, and never lose an article of clothing. Perfect loops for limbos, high school sports teams, collegiate teams, professional sports teams, military units and more. LaundryLoop has two different size/color combinations and is so customizable that you can mix-and-match color combinations to create a special design that fits your needs. With ease of use in mind, LaundryLoop is packaged by color and loop length, much like tees are packaged at the department store. Each laundry strap is made out of 100% cotton jersey, and with a double sock clip they stay in place while attaching to the elastic straps provided when washing machines get heavy. They have been tested to hold a maximum of 20 lbs without breaking. Even though these strong laundry straps are custom made for your specific needs, we still offer them in 18 colors for your individual wardrobe choices.

Organize and identify your sweaty socks, woolen garments and workout wear in less than 3 minutes. Each laundryloop can hold up to ten garments either delicate or athletic socks. Each laundry loop has a 4.5" x 4.5" writable area for you to include name, sport jersey number and other identifying information. They come in three different sizes including a regular, large and plus-sized version so there is an option for all sized loads. Laundryloops can also be combined together and are machine washable as well as dryer safe.