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Extreme 2.0 - Men's

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The Extreme 2.0 singlet is a high quality, US made sublimated singlet inspired who possess a hunger to be the best. This singlet is for athletes who understand you can't get stronger unless you have been broken down and tested. This singlet represents wrestlers who understand discomfort is a part of the process and are still determined to overcome all adversities to accomplish their dreams, some may call it obsession, but we call it Extreme 2.0! Available in red or blue, and in multiple sizes. 

 **Also available in Women sizes.  Check women section**

Singlet Size Chart
XSmall Small Medium Large XLarge 2XL
Chest 33.5_to_35" 35_to_37.5" 37.5_to_41" 41_to_44" 44_to_48.5" 48.5_to_53.3"
Waist 27_to_29" 29_to_32" 32_to_35" 35_to_38" 38_to_43" 43_to_47.5"
Hip 33.5_to_35" 35_to_37.5" 37.5_to_41" 41_to_44" 44_to_47" 47_to_50.5"
Lbs. 110_to_130 130_to_150 150_to_170 170_to_190 190_to_210 210_to_240