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Digital Workout Timer

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No other product on the market can do what this does. STIMULATE YOUR ATHLETES with motor skills training and interval strength training utilizing the digital workout timer! Create your custom interval using our simple interface, maximize results by monitoring your goal times as you work through each interval. Focus on your fitness center goals by synchronizing this timer with a personal trainer giving one-on-one instruction, an instructor leading a group class, or simply enjoying time with the family. The Digital Workout Timer is perfect for BOX gyms, fitness studios, Team Sports facilities, and so many other applications.

Start and stop workouts at the touch of a button. Perfect for your morning workout or for intervals in your cross training. A large, bright LED display shows hours, minutes and seconds. Use timer and interval functionto create custom workouts. You can even program the clock to count down up to 100 hours. Wall mount option offers flexibility when fitting into your home gym. Remote control enables you to programming the timer from a distance. An easy-to-read LCD screenshows youthe clock, interval time and current profile. Matte aluminum alloy case and matte black lens give it a sleek yet sturdy feel, while making it weather resistant enough to take with you to track your progress outside as well.... This is the ultimate portable timer. Control your workout from anywhere in the room and see the time with ease. Pick from 20 built-in programs and we’ll give you more for free.