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KenClean Plus Athletic Mat Cleaner

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KenClean Plus Athletic Mat Cleaner is ideal for use before competition when mats need to be deep cleaned. It oxidizes grime and stains while it destroys odors and provides a color safe bleaching action which will brighten the mat surface for a cleaner appearance. Athletes can relax in confidence knowing they are competing on clean mats with our easy-to-use KenClean Plus Athletic Mat Cleaner product. Plus, it rinses easily with water and no rinse aid is needed.

Current mats disinfectant cleaners only clean and disinfect mats. Over time, body oils, soap residue and grime build up on your mats which make them look dingy and may even make disinfecting more challenging. That's when a powerful cleaning is needed. KenClean Plus Athletic Mat Cleaner uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to thoroughly clean your mat surfaces clean of dirt, stains, body oils and other contaminants so they're rinsed-clean for maximal disinfection.

KenClean Plus Athletic Mat Cleaner was designed to address the environmental, safety and health concerns facing today's athletic venues. It is a Kennedy Sustainable Certified product which means that it meets our environmental standards for green cleaners. Kennedy Sustainable Certified Products must be readily biodegradable, have very low toxicity, be non-corrosive, contain no phosphates, no ozone depleting compounds, no known carcinogens, no chlorine bleach, no butoxyethanol, no petroleum distillates, no metal cross linked polymers, be at low VOC levels when diluted, and have low energy requirements for recycling.