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The Fusion Headgear™ combines all of the favorite features of other top-selling Cliff Keen ear guards, and delivers the most comfortable and protective ear guard for wrestlers. The all-new Cliff Keen Fusion Helmet can be adjusted to fit your head (and face) more comfortably with just a few simple turns. It looks great! And it’s loaded with excellent features you won’t find anywhere else, including an auto-adjuster strap that delivers perfect, secure fit every time you wear it.

FUSION HEAD GEAR™ is the first entirely new headgear design in a decade to offer Players a complete and innovative solution. Designed from the ground up, FUSION HEAD GEAR ™ is an intuitive product that exceeds current standards for both performance and personal comfort. The sophisticated design began with soft yet protective closed cell FOAM based on the revolutionary design of our original best-selling foam ear guard patented in 1958. FUSION HEAD GEAR ™ features a Super-Light and Pliable Inner Shell made from state of the art materials for a stronger, lighter headgear that is built to last. See our fit guide PDF for complete fitting instructions. Sleek-profiled ear cups, providing enough room and protection for your ears to fit comfortably. FUSION HEAD GEAR ™ cleans easily. Simply wipe your Fusion Headgear™ clean in seconds with soap & water or anti-bacterial wipes. One size fits all heads worn with or without glasses / goggles. Chin strap pad included.