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"No Funk" Mat Cleaner Solution

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Top-level athletes depend on their equipment. As a competitor, Cliff Keen is no exception. Cliff proudly manufactures his own line of wrestling equipment and is known for the top quality materials used in every product. As an athlete, Cliff understands that a clean mat brings both confidence and comfort that leads to top performance. With the "No Funk" MC9 Mat Cleaner solution, athletes can clean mats in just one operation, sanitize and disinfect them all with the same solution Cliff uses.

Cliff Keen Mat Cleaner keeps mats free from harmful and unwanted bacteria, mold and mildew. Assembled with high-tech disinfectant and sanitizer, this cleaner is made in America to ensure safety. MC9 is a concentrated formula that makes 4 gallons of solution.

Fight the spread of infection on your mats with "No Funk" Mat Cleaner. This custom cleaner has been developed by Cliff Keen to fight and eliminate viruses, bacteria and other deadly pathogens. Just spray the solution onto your mats, let it sit to disinfect your mats and wipe or rinse them clean. It's that simple.