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Agility Training Ladder

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Work on your quickness and agility with the TKO 15-foot Agility Ladder. Featuring a lightweight frame that's easy to set up, this agility ladder is an affordable fitness tool that you can take anywhere. Use it to improve your foot speed and learn new interesting drills; the possibilities are endless! With a stylish carrying case, you can easily transport your ladder to any location.

We all know that sunshine is the best medicine, but what happens when work or weather patterns keep you indoors and you can't get outside to exercise? TKO's exclusive Weather Resistant design allows you to keep your training habits intact. Get your heart pumping as you scale each rung on our Agility Training Ladder, helping you build both muscle and endurance.

Get the most out of your workout and improve your speed, agility and coordination with a TKO Agility Ladder. This ladder is durable and built for convenience, as it can be folded down to store in a carrying case and expanded in an instant. The ladder can be used for multiple exercises including balance, speed training, one on one drills, and partner drills.