Woman Wednesday Wrestling Interview with: De'anna Prince from Wayland Baptist University

Welcome to Woman Wednesday a blog section created by American Wrestler as a way to motivate, inspire, and represent Women's Wrestling. Each week we interview an outstanding wrestler to know more about their individual journey & accomplishments. This week we had the pleasure of kicking off our first Woman Wednesday video interview with the amazing De'anna Prince. De'anna is a student-athlete attending Wayland Baptist University where she is wrestling, participating in the dance team, and studying Criminal Justice. What makes De'anna unique to other wrestlers is her determination. Aside from participating in sports and going to school De'anna works two jobs, and is a around-the-clock mom to her beautiful daughter. De'anna is passionate about wrestling and has high hopes of changing the sport for the better. Her long term goal is to become a successful Judge & head wrestling coach, and to be able to provide women with more wrestling opportunities by expanding the sport to other Universities and Colleges. Thank you for watching, subscribe for more content.