Robert Hernandez- Athlete Spotlight Q&A

Robert Hernandez- Athlete Spotlight Q&A

Today we are happy to have Robert Hernandez shine some light onto out "Athlete Spotlight" blog section. Robert is currently attending Schreiner University where he is studying Exercise science Fitness and Wellness while wrestling. Robert is an outstanding student and athlete full of determination, hunger for success, and love for his peers and family. American Wrestler is excited to see what the future holds for Robert!

Q. As someone who played football before wrestling, how do the sports differ and how do they complement each other?

a. Football and wrestling are two very tough sports, Wrestling involves way more technicality of course but football is just a brute sport and it involves so much power, both of them are good combinations for an athlete to excel in, for me after wrestling season transitioning to football I felt that the agility and speed helped out in football and vise versus for wrestling I was able to transfer over my strength and power!  


Q. How has coach Jewell helped you & inspired you during your wrestling journey? 

a. Coach Jewell has stuck by my side and I couldn’t be more appreciative for that, when I was going through my rough times he was there, he gave me a lot of the keys to want to succeed in wrestling and in my school work. Coach Jewell gave me another opportunity to want to be better for myself, my teammates and my family!  


 Q. What do you love most about wrestling for Schreiner? 

a. Schreiner is such a small community; everyone pretty much knows everyone and a lot of people that attend Schreiner knows who we are and what we’ve done and I feel like that’s pretty special. Most of all wrestling for Schreiner I love our teams atmosphere, we love the competition we love the blood sweat and tears, I know I do, the guys I work with everyday push me to my limits and being in an atmosphere where I’m gonna be pushed to the max is what I live for, that’s what I love!  


Q. What are you currently studying and what inspired you to pursue that career path? 

a. I am currently studying Exercise science Fitness and Wellness. I love and have always loved fitness, from the day I picked up weights till now, it has been something that has inspired me to better myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. My parents always told me growing up that I should find something that I love to do and I’ll enjoy doing for the rest of my life.  


Q. You mentioned that your grandmother was a big influence and motivator in your life, Is there anyone else who motivates and inspires you? 

a. The great things that I do now is because of my grandmother and I do those great things to honor her, and with that comes my greatest supporters and motivators such as, my dad, my two sisters, my grandfather, my girlfriend who really has pushed me, and lastly my beautiful mother who has been there since day one helping me overcome so many obstacles, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here answering these questions for American wrestler and I for sure wouldn’t be able to do the things I’m capable of doing today!  

Q. COVID has been a burden for everyone, what practices have you adapted to stay safe while during training and going to school? 

a. Back to being at Schreiner and it being such a small community is really a big advantage for all of us, a lot of the students and even us wrestlers have been very much cautious of staying safe during these hard times and it really has helped that everyone has taken COVID serious and we’re following the guidelines that the school has set, I know that I myself has been wearing my masks, washing my hands and obeying guidelines that are set! 


Q. You have a lot of determination, what would you say has been your proudest achievement? 

a. I wouldn’t say that I have a proudest achievement, I’ve done good things in my life, and hard work accounts for those achievements that I have earned, but ultimately I don’t like sitting on those achievements, I am the underdog, I always have been and I rather go out and do the inevitable!   


Q. What would be are your goals for the season? 

a. I set high standards for myself, I know that I’m capable of hanging in with the best, that’s what I was bred for, while others are focusing on being All-Americans and training their mindsets to be an All-American I’m training mine to be a National champion, but in order to achieve that goal I need to approach other goals that eventually lead up to that like winning tournaments that we go to, upsetting big names and making sure my team is right there with me!  


Q. If you could nominate any other athlete to be featured in our “Athlete Spotlight” segment who would it be and why? 

a. I would have to say my 133 pounder James Yarbro, James is just a hammer, he works hard in the mat room and in the class room and all around is a stand up guy. I love James, I love how he pushes everyone in the room to be better, James loves to call people out no matter the size, and that’s what makes him a bad man!  


Q. Who are your go to artists when it comes to getting warmed up? 

a. Man I love all kinds of music and really it depends on my mood, but if I had to give my top artists, I would have to say Tupac, AC/DC, Metallica, and any kind of piano music like Beethoven or Vivaldi!  


Q. What do you enjoy doing during your down time? 

a. There is only one place I’ll be during my down time and that’s banging out some iron in the gym, that’s my happy place, I love the weight room, that’s like my addictive drug for me, if I don’t have it I go crazy. 


Q. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring three things, what would they be? 

a. That’s tough, I would have to bring a dumbbell set, a five-gallon jug of water, and a Bowie knife to survive. 


Q. What is the food you can’t live without? 

a. Pizza, I love me some pizza, especially stuffed crust pizza that’s where it’s at!  


Q. If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for? 

a. I would wish to be a millionaire so I could support my family and get them the things they couldn’t get back then when we struggled, and then to give to charity!  


Q. If you could wrestle anywhere in the world, where would you want the tournament to take place? 

a. I would probably say Madison square garden, I feel like that would be pretty cool to wrestle at and with a bunch of fans cheering!