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TKO Premium Resistance Cord

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You have to challenge and push your muscles to new levels in order to increase strength, endurance and tone. Working out against resistance is the key to developing strength. A workout regime with short periods of intense exercise followed by longer, more developed periods of rest is essential for muscle growth. TKO Premium Resistance Cord offers a high-quality progressive workout regime that will build muscle, strength, and endurance.

This premium resistance cord is designed for an intense workout. The 10-foot long loop of elastic resistance cord with multiple handles provides the ideal means to build strength and endurance while you perform exercises, giving you a lean and toned body. The quick-connect release system allows for endless configurations, so you can use one or multiple loops as equipment in your personal workout routine. It is ideal for any workout space.

The TKO Premium Resistance Cord is a high-quality, durable exercise cord that is available in three different strengths. Use it for jump rope and interval-based workouts, to improve rotational speed, balance and coordination, and to add resistance to many upper and lower body exercises. The nylon-encased rubber tube within the thick safety coil means that even if the cord breaks while exercising, there will be no risk of serious injury. Three different strength levels are available: Light (two 6′ cords), Medium (one 6′ cord plus one 4′ cord), and Heavy (two 4′ cords).

Our Premium Resistance Cord is TKO quality, which is one of the highest in the industry. We have over 10 years of experience offering high-quality fitness equipment. The Premium Resistance Cord is perfect to use for your sit up and ab workouts or for using in your exercise routine that you are doing at home or when you are traveling. With a convenient carry bag, this cord is a way to stay fit wherever you go!

TKO Premium Resistance Cord is engineered to deliver maximum performance and durability. Designed with the athlete in mind, TKO Premium Resistance Cord offers a soft handle for comfort, a nylon cover to provide added durability and safety coils to protect against injury if breaks were to occur. Comes in three varying levels of resistance. The perfect workout partner!