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Soft Foam Plyo Box Set (5pc)

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Build your own combination stackable boxes! Customize the height of your box by adding layers, and secure them with strong Velcro. Easy to handle handles and reinforced stitching in back makes positioning or moving the boxes a breeze. Stack them high for squatting and lunging exercises, or short for step ups or calves. Each ultra-dense foam platform is covered with durable vinyl and clearly marked heights up to 24”. Landing surface is 36" x 30", for all types of plyometrics including box jumps and box jumps 360°, double-leg drops, heel walks/hops, reverse lunges, step ups and more! Made for heavy commercial use.

The Stackable Box System is all you need to turn a 24” x 30” platform into the ultimate plyometric box. Made with extra-dense foam and built to last, this stackable box system is ideal for squats, lunges, step ups, and calf raises—and weighs less than 25 lbs, making it lighter to transport than traditional plyo boxes!