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Sisal Climbing Rope

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SISAL CLIMBING ROPES are lightweight and portable climbing ropes for indoor and outdoor play for all ages. Climbing Ropes have always been one of the most popular and standard equipment requests for overall improvement of physical fitness and muscle tone, particularly for upper arms and shoulders. Extremely popular training apparatus for strength, grip and arm coordination skills. These are a few of the many uses: Use it at home to get your own exercise. Hand over to an adventurous friend or family member who wants to challenge themselves with the competitive sport of rock climbing indoors or outside the home. Escape the monotony of everyday life by not only challenging yourself physically with this roping product, but also mentally, mentally sharpen your problem-solving skills with SISAL CLIMBING ROPES through outdoor activities like rock climbing or other challenging outdoor events such as camping or caving, and many more!

G-Rope CL has been designed for indoor use only and must be securely mounted on load bearing beam. Once your rope is attached to a beam, you do not need to fasten the rope around anything before using. Apollo Athletics advises extreme caution when using the G-Rope CL and to make sure that all knots, clips, or swivels are checked for security before and during any use. Each Apollo Athletics product comes with a company support number and approval card for direct customer assistance.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage

* Dimensions: Length 27 feet, Diameter 1.5 inch

* Weight: 12 LB

* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty