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Apollo Pull Up Rack

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This wall mounted Pull Up Rack is a must-have for any gym. It's made of solid steel, and you can count on it to stand the test of time. It rotates from 0 to 180 degrees and is designed for all different exercises, such as chin-ups, pull ups, and dips. The rack also features advanced engineering for more support, with a range of 32 inches to 71 inches (80cm - 180cm).

The APOLLO pull-up rack is a great addition to any home gym, producing workouts from chin-ups and push-ups to dips and sit-ups. The large 7 foot long x 20 inch wide platform offers plenty of space for working out its 7 different exercises, while the heavy-duty assembly bolts allow you to mount it securely in concrete. From installing brackets to disassembling the rack, use the Apollo equipment manual to guide you through with ease.

Designed for bar athletes, the Apollo Pull Up Rack will help increase your strength and power through pull ups and exercise variations. The rack is built with plate storage and a height of 7' 4". Choose whether you want the Apollo Pull Up Rack for assisted pull ups or as a mounting point for other equipment like your G-Ball, CFR-Tool, CFR-Tool M, or CFR-BTS. The Pull Up Rack offers an optional band pegs attachment which allows users to add extra resistance. The bar can hold up to 700 lbs on the pull up bar and 350 lbs in plates on the storage rack!