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Get your game face on, because the TKO Heavy Bag is seriously heavy duty. This model is made of a heavy duty PVC polymer coated vinyl, making it both durable and easy to clean. This special vinyl prevents absorption of odor or fluid residues such as bloody knuckles or sweat. The TKO Heavy Bag features a traditional chain-and-sprocket mechanism for adjusting height as well as high quality PACTÈ® bungee cords for easy setup and takedown. At 78" long and 39 lbs., this is one tough training partner.

TKO Heavy Bags feature a revolutionary fill that is designed and crafted in the USA, to ensure you will have the best experience with your device. The proprietary fill is engineered to absorb impact and deliver true feedback, like you would feel in a real fight. Our heavy bags are filled with a proprietary blend of high-grade fibers that provide a consistent flow of resistance, eliminating the hard spots other bags are known for. They are then hand-sewn into attractive fast-drying fabric bags, which can handle punches, kicks, and slams without ripping or tearing.

TKO - The Knock Out! The Heavy Bag is designed so the outer fabric can be easily cleaned with a wet towel or spray due to its polyester construction. This bag offers the best in structure and durability combined with the convenience of a lightweight construction, making it perfect for gyms, martial artists and boxing enthusiasts. TKO Heavy Bag offers the best elements of both heavy bags and speed bags, combining wall mounted and stand- up hanging options. Its high-grade industrial gauge heavy welded 'D' and 'O' rings combine with a nylon cord for easy suspension. Designed to withstand professional quality training sessions, this bag is built to last.

Introduce yourself to the TKO Heavy Bag. Featuring a rugged all-weather vinyl covering for long-lasting, even weather resistance, this heavy duty bag is perfect for tough workouts, and is built to last. With 5 pounds of high-density filling to cushion your blows, this punching bag can take a hit; so you can take one. Comes with a unique pin system that allows changing from horizontal to vertical installation--a feature not seen in any other bag on the market. This bag is compatible with all TKO Boxing Stand and Platform Combos (sold separately). Do it for you, do it for everyone.

TKO is the premium brand of heavy bags in the world. TKO Pro Style Heavy Bags are built to last a lifetime.Every TKO Heavy Bag contains mixed filler consisting of specially blended less abrasive fibers then traditional sand-fill. The tough vinyl outer shell is coated for extra durability and made for years of kicking, punching, kneeing and head butting. Contains double-end tie down design which allows for a myriad of workout combinations with or without gloves.Size: (50 lbs.) 6′ H x 5′ W; (75 lbs.) 6′ H x 6′ W; (100 lbs.) 7′ H x 5′ W.