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Air Brace

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You'll forget you have it on, until you feel the warm tingle of a good deep massage only to realize that it's from getting your leg warm. How does it work? A cold can or bottle will get hot in a matter of seconds in a microwave oven. That heat is retained for a long time. If a cold object can retain heat then why not this sleeve? It keeps your ligaments warm and happy. Made from knit polyurethane to stretch and contour perfectly to your knee, this sleeve is the answer to long days of sitting or sleeping.

Our sleeves are meant to be worn over post-surgical knee sleeves, but can also be worn over other braces, like our Hard Knee Walker Sleeve. Sold individually, so you only have to purchase what you need, when you need it. These soft, comfortable braces compress and support the elbow and forearm.. They are a favorite at home or on the go because they compress without feeling bulky. Available in one size fits most. Sold individually.