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Mat Clean Up Kit

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The Mat Cleanup Kit contains three gallon sizes of Kennedy's mat tape remover, including one quart and one gallon containers of deep clean II, a proportion aid to mix the correct solution for your mat cleaning needs, and a gallon of KenClean Plus for interior carpets. Easy-To-Use Kit Provides Effective Ways to Clean and Protect Athletic MatsAt Kennedy we are committed to protecting athletic performance floors and mats. That is why we include a three piece Mat Clean-Up Kit in every order. This kit includes Kennedy MTR mat tape remover, a deep clean solution, and a proportion aid.

Driven to perform, our professionals use the MAT Clean Up Kit, developed for professional mat cleaners. Our kits include Kennedy MTR Mat Tape Remover that eliminates residue quickly with no noxious odors, Deep Clean II uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to oxidize built up soil and stains and brighten your mats, our handy Proportion Aid screws onto your gallon container allowing for easy and accurate measuring, and Kenclean Plus is a hospital use disinfectant/cleaner that kills the germs athletes need killed.

This is a case of 4 gallons - no diluting required. MAT will remove all tape, even clear packing tape and label adhesive. It is non-flammable and biodegradable.