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Iron Neck Pro Bundle

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Iron Neck Pro is the most advanced neck training solution for improving posture, rehabilitating neck and back injuries/pain, and reducing injury risk. Build neck, back and core strength through isometric exercises that also reduce stiffness and improve mobility. Resistance is provided by the included resistance band and home setup (or cable weight stack in a gym).

Iron Neck Pro is different from the Starter and Varsity models with its Variable Friction Dial, which works similar to a brake in a spinning bike, allowing you to adjust the amount of friction applied when turning your head. Start friction-free to focus on form and proper biomechanics, then as you get stronger and more comfortable with the system, you can increase the friction to bust through training plateaus and accelerate strength gains.


  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Posture
  • One Tool for Injury Prevention
  • One Tool For Injury Prevention
  • Advanced Rehab Capabilities

Whats Included:

  •  25 lb. Resistance Band
  •  Door Anchor
  •  Skull Cap
  •  Exercise Poster
  •  Interchangeable Front Pads (3)