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TKO Gym Ball Rack

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The TKO Gym Ball Rack is a heavy-duty steel rack consisting of a set of 4 upright posts and 2 roller brackets. This gym ball rack maintains a clean and safe working environment since stability balls can be kept off the floor, reducing clutter, roll away issues and unnecessary mess. Users only need to unfold the TKO Gym Ball Rack and place stability balls on each of the 8 grooves of the ball rack where they will be locked in place. The safety style hook and loop straps can be used to fasten one or two stability balls together (see picture).

The TKO Gym Ball Rack is the ultimate storage solution for your stability ball. It holds up to 8 gym balls, and is constructed out of heavy duty steel tubing coated with a durable black powder finish. A convenient handle on one end allows for easy portability, making it suitable for mobile use in a variety of locations such as hospitals, gyms and physical therapy clinics, schools and outdoor playgrounds. The versatility of this gym ball rack allows it to be used for both storing gym balls and performing group exercise movements. It easily collapses for space-saving storage when not in use.