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If it's time to start mixing things up at your fitness facility, this Wall Timer is an essential tool. Large, 4” numbers on a matte black lens and aluminum case ensure an illuminated display that can be seen throughout your facility. Perfect for coaches, trainers, and anyone leading group fitness classes, it helps you keep track of workouts. Create programs that push yourself and your clients with interval timers, count down timers, count up timers, TABATA timer, and stopwatch timer. It's also equipped with a remote control.

The FOAM ROLLER® foam roller is a multi-featured foam roller that helps you meet your fitness goals. The matte aluminum alloy case and matte black lens are durable and aesthetic, while the clock display with 4" numbers makes timing your stretches easy. Easily create and save custom intervals of time to take breaks in between sets and exercises. Create, confirm, and set up your intervals with the easy-to-use remote control. Your work setting, home setting, or anywhere that you choose to workout will be more ergonomically beneficial with the FOAM ROLLER® foam roller on hand.