BOSU NexGen Pro Balance Trainer

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Completely redesigned from the inside out, the BOSU® NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer features a completely re-engineered platform that provides superior grip for hands and feet and offers 4 textured quadrants with easy to distinguish markings for fitness training. Perfect for basic balance exercises, as well as agility drills, core workouts, strength training and more, the included BOSU® Balance Trainer DVD offers safe and effective workouts you can do at home or in the gym.

The BOSU NEXGEN PRO BALANCE TRAINER is a versatile, advanced training tool that helps you strengthen core stability, build muscle and burn calories in new and challenging ways. With a quadrant design that accommodates the range of motion needed to challenge your entire body, enhanced grip capabilities and a new flat base design optimized for commercial flooring. This next generation of our best selling exercise and performance tool puts you in the driver's seat with customized workouts through the new Bosu Trainer app. Challenge your balance and functional training in a new way with the Bosu NEXGEN Pro.   With its soft, cushioned top and grip handles it can be used on more exercises than ever before and you can integrate it into your floor workout, too. It is like a Swiss ball and balance disc in one.