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TKO Deluxe Battle Rope

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Battle ropes are an old-school, tried and true exercise. The TKO Deluxe Battle Rope is one of the best battle ropes on the market. Made from a premium black nylon rope and designed with a 3:1 lay, this rope features a PVC core handle for heavy use, high-quality hardware and reinforced stitching. Unlike lesser ropes that start fraying within weeks or breaking apart in months, the TKO Deluxe Battle Rope can withstand years of heavy use and will stay in great shape whatever you put it through.

The TKO Deluxe Battle Rope has a unique twisted elastic construction that develops power, strength and explosiveness in athletes. Designed by professional athletes and coaches, this battle rope is perfect for improving stamina and grip strength while increasing overall conditioning. The nylon sleeve ensures durability while the easy-grip handle design offers a comfortable experience.