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AirDyne Exercise Bike

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With its breakthrough fan technology and single-state belt drive, the Airdyne bike delivers real results. With no moving parts to wear out, feel or hear, you'll find your workout smooth and quiet. The experience is further enhanced by a variety of traditional and cutting-edge training programs that help you reach any fitness goal—from weight loss to muscle gain.

Experience a new way to exercise at home with the DYNAMIX AIRDYNE bike. This sleek design features commercial-grade components, which means the smooth motion of this fan bike is more powerful than any home fitness equipment. The fan bike provides a low impact, calorie burning workout that will tone and strengthen your lower body and core. Available in a black or red finish, this smart bike offers HIIT programs to keep you motivated, along with MultiGrip handlebars that allow you to work different muscle groups simultaneously. The fan operates cordlessly, meaning no post-exercise cleanup.